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Casa Victoria is a locally-owned interior design firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you just bought a house, are remodeling, or are simply upgrading your furniture, we can help you design and furnish your home. Our goal is to turn your house into not just a beautiful space, but also a functional and cohesive space that caters to the needs of your entire family.

At Casa Victoria, we aspire to create timeless and practical spaces curated for our clients’ unique way of living regardless of budget. We like to complement the composition of your personal space by adding textures, contrast, dimension, and/or colors to achieve harmony and balance. Your home is an extension of who you are. It’s a space that shares your story and communicates it to your guests. It is your sanctuary.

As such, each design project presents different challenges, but we believe that the collaboration between the designer and the client is pertinent to the success of the project. We appreciate transparent and candid communication to better understand your needs and provide you with high-quality results. Our Design Process includes the observation and consideration of many factors that range from the direction the site faces which will determine the amount of natural light it receives to the current structure of the site in relation to the aesthetic look you are trying to accomplish. Together, we discuss these observations to ensure the appropriate direction for the project and the creation of a thoughtful and well-crafted design.