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Victoria always pay carefully attention to my comments. That helps her to know what I want. She first help me with the living room and the main entrance of my new house. Every guest that comes to my house comments that feels welcome and cozy. That were the words that I told Victoria that I wanted to look and feel my house. Now we just finished ordering the dining room. I can not wait to see how beautiful it is going to look. For sure I will continue working with Victoria!

Victoria has an impeccable eye for detail and design. She is a master at creating a practical yet beautiful layout in any room. She truly listens to what her clients desire. She pays close attention to an individual's preferences, and uses her expertise and creativity to design an environment that feels like an outward expression of your style. I highly recommend her to help design your home!Read More

Victoria is a detail oriented professional who not only possesses the skills and qualities needed to get the job done but also warm interpersonal skills that makes you feel right at home ( pun intended) working with her. Organized, thorough, and hard working, really, a spectacular individual.Read More

This amazing lady has been a life saver! I was living with an oddly shaped walk in closet clogged with boxes (from my previous apartment set up) and all my actual useful stuff not having an assigned home, and therefore also a cluttered bedroom. With covid times, and being home bound I started feeling the need of working on having a zen space more and more. I reached out to Victoria for help (seeing her apartment pics on insta) she was so soo professional. She asked for pictures ahead and we already had an idea what we wanted to do. Then she visited very briefly (equipped with the cutest measuring tape) and literally worked out all the details for me. Two of the biggest things - 1. gave me ideas that I did not even know I wanted and would make me so happy! 2. Made me realize it will need to be work in progress (I had always thought it needs to be fixed over a weened, so always been overwhelmed and got nowhere). I could put before after pics (but do not judge me for my mess :P)!! It is still work in progress - but I am loving the process. Will be ever so thankful for this lifechanging help. The other stellar part is she actually checks on me so regularly, that even if I get stuck/demotivated or distracted with work, the little chats gets me right back on to the process. Stay tuned for before/in-between/after pics :)!Read More